John F. Lauro – Featured Panelist at the Annual White Collar Criminal Defense College sponsored by Stetson Law School & NACDL

On March 14, 2015, John Lauro was a member of a panel discussion at the annual White Collar Criminal Defense College, sponsored by Stetson University Law School and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. John’s panel dealt with filing pretrial motions to frame a criminal defense at trial. He particularly focused on challenging government experts, as well as uncovering critical information for the defense. John was adamant about demanding that prosecutors provide all relevant information to the defense, including so-called Brady material where government prosecutors have information that exculpates defendants and confirms innocence.

In addition, John participated in a moot court, where students cross-examined witnesses. John provided his insight about how to handle difficult witnesses, and what lawyers can do to cross-examine effectively. During his career, John has cross-examined hundreds of witnesses, including government experts and “cooperators.”