John F. Lauro – One of the Featured Panelists at ABA White Collar Crime Institute

John Lauro was one of the featured panelists at the 25th Annual American Bar Association National Institute on White Collar crime held in San Diego on March 2-4, 2011. The Institute was attended by over 1,000 leading white collar practitioners, prosecutors, and judges. Mr. Lauro served as a member of the plenary panel that focused on recent trials. He provided an in-depth description of the WebMD securities fraud trial, which resulted in a Rule 29 acquittal of his client. Mr. Lauro is one of a limited group of white collar practitioners who try high-profile cases around the country. In discussing the WebMD trial, Mr. Lauro provided a description of the well-developed litigation strategy that led to an acquittal in that case. Among other things, Mr. Lauro commented on successful pre-trial motion practice, building a strong joint defense team, and using cross examination to communicate the client’s story to the jury. Given the sometimes negative perception of white collar defendants, Mr. Lauro paid particular attention to the concept of trying two cases: one to the jury focused on common sense themes, and another to the judge focused on legal theories of innocence. Mr. Lauro’s remarks were also noted in the white collar crime professor blog.