John Lauro – Featured Presenter of a Teleforum Hosted by The Federalist Society

Continuing his efforts to raise awareness of the scourge of overcriminalization, on July 28, 2015, John Lauro was the featured presenter of a teleforum discussing the topic of “Criminalizing Reasonable Interpretations of Regulatory Schemes: Clay v. United States.” The Federalist Society’s Criminal Law & Procedure Group sponsored the event.

Mr. Lauro was one of the lead lawyers who tried the Clay case, where executives were prosecuted under federal law for their reasonable interpretation of a state healthcare regulatory scheme. What began as a highly-publicized raid by some 200 FBI agents on a Florida health care company ended as a criminal prosecution over a reporting dispute that concerned the interpretation of a provision in Florida’s Medicaid contracts, where the State itself had declined to enact clarifying administrative regulations.

The one-hour teleforum is available for on-demand listening at the Federalist Society’s website.