John Lauro Leads a Panel Addressing the Problem of Overcriminalization in the Federal Judicial System

Over the last several years, John Lauro has addressed the important public policy issue of the overcriminalization of federal law: where ordinary business people are prosecuted for alleged breaches of contract or differences of interpretation of regulatory schemes. On July 30, 2015, in conjunction with the Federal Bar Association, John Lauro led a panel of fellow counsel, including Matt Kaiser, Paul D. Kamenar, and Jeffrey Lamken, entitled: “The Scourge of Federal Overcriminalization: Case Studies, Root Causes & Possible Solutions.”

Mr. Lauro and the panel explored the root causes of overcriminalization, including the political pressure on Congress to address every social issue with a new criminal law. The panel also considered how federal prosecutors use broadly worded statutes to prosecute alleged civil violations. Mr. Lauro spoke about his role in the U.S. v. Clay case, where he represented a former CFO of a public company who was accused of health care fraud for a reasonable interpretation of a regularity framework in Florida. That case has now become a leading example of the overcriminalization problem.

The two-hour CLE panel is available for on demand viewing at the Federal Bar Association’s website.