Litigation Support

E-Discovery & Litigation Support

In representing clients in complex civil and criminal matters, our firm must obtain, review, and organize massive amounts of hard copy documents and electronically stored information (ESI).  Managing discovery is critical to successfully resolving or trying a case.  No firm should take on a complex commercial matter without having the skill and ability to manage substantial amounts of evidence.  Our firm has dedicated litigation consultants who are devoted to doing just that. Over the last several years, we have been involved in a number of matters that require extraordinary litigation support and strategy. In addition to obtaining and reviewing this information, we have had to organize critical evidence for trial and court presentation. We have also enlisted the assistance of experts to undertake forensic reviews of E-Discovery, as well as handling exhibits at trial. Over the last five years, our firm has taken the lead for litigation support in two major federal criminal trials. Using the latest software and technology and our own battle-tested experience, we have developed a unique system to streamline the management and analysis of evidence in large commercial cases.

Capabilities & Experience

Our firm possesses considerable experience in document review, E-Discovery management, and all other areas of trial preparation and support, including:

  • Document collection and preservation;
  • Handling, converting, and working with large quantities of data utilizing leading industry software;
  • Electronic document review of massive databases consisting of millions of documents;
  • Culling and sifting through electronic repositories to identify and reduce the universe of documents to a manageable collection of key documents;
  • Working closely with E-Discovery vendors, leading forensic experts, and other skilled consultants in coordinating, analyzing, and organizing electronic data;
  • Providing assistance with electronic and hard copy document production to government agencies and adverse parties;
  • Analysis and development of case strategies;
  • Development and application of internal workflow processes and methodologies that assist in streamlining the flow and management of data that is both crucial and key for the development of our legal theories and defenses;
  • Trial and witness preparation;
  • Exhibit development and preparation; and
  • Incorporation and coordination of the use of technology within the courtroom.

Related Experience

Recently, we have managed the litigation support for:

  • A former high ranking executive with a national medical software company in connection with a criminal matter. This involved the review and organization of over 90 terabytes of data as well as 3,000 bankers’ boxes containing more than 6 million hard copy pages produced in discovery. We managed this data through the use of several online and in-house electronic document review databases. Additionally, we implemented an electronic repository for the organization and management of our key documents, facts and witness related materials;
  •  A former high ranking executive with a national managed health care organization in connection with the analysis of over 500,000 electronic documents, as well as putting in place an administrative structure to review and organize millions of additional hardcopy and electronic documents. Additionally, we implemented an online document database which allowed us to access and review the entire collection of documents from anywhere in the world; and
  • An executive employed with a publicly traded technology company which required an expedited analysis of a computer hard drive and production of responsive documents with respect to a government investigation.